It's time to change the way stories are told.

From the mind that architected the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse comes a fantasy world like none that have come before. A world where stories span the entire media landscape and every character's actions shape reality itself.

Most radical of all? The audience can create characters just as easily as screenwriters in a new kind of TTRPG called Exile.

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A World Where Magic Is Real

The planet Vesser is fundamentally shaped by the magic of Emanation, from plate tectonics, to climate, to monstrous titans the size of weather systems that roam its surface. It is a world equally wondrous and terrifying—where people of unimaginable power face threats of unfathomable scale.

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A map of the settlement of Exile next to the ocean is shown inside of the hexagon frame.
A Sigil Guardian rises from the ground and reaches forward with its right hand.

Magic Has Consequences

The discovery of a second form of magic, known as Sigil Arcana, allowed the people on the continent of Nazha to push back the Titans and settle the entire continent for the first time.

An age of incredible prosperity followed, but the combined powers of Sigil Arcana and Emanation lead to arrogance among the ruling Ascendent. Their hubris lead to a catastrophe that caused civilization to collapse, and created planetary rings as a scar across the sky.

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One people,
three species

The survivors of the collapse congregated in the city of Hesh, a merchant city on a chain of islands roughly the size of Japan. They called themselves the Va’heshath, and political power transitioned from the most powerful Emergent to the most shrewd non-magical people. These rulers—the Seven—formed a system where all magics are tightly regulated.

In this new order, Emergent are sent to Exile where they can safely hone their abilities, and then gather resources in the wilds beyond the magical barriers that protect the remaining cities and towns.

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Three portraits are shown within circles. One person a Runzhé, the second person a human, and the third person a Torrifex.

A Table for Thousands

The first media in the World of Vesser is Exile, a first of its kind live-service tabletop role playing game where thousands of players create Emergent characters and play alongside each other. Their actions will shape the world, creating narrative ways that show up in every media we create in the World of Vesser.

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A sigil arcanist forms a sigil in the air in front of a piece of stone. Additional pieces of stone are suspended in the air over the person's head.